HESLB Appeal Names Loan Beneficiaries 2019/20 | Majina Mkopo Rufaa 2019/20

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Higher Education Student's Loan Board (HESLB) expect to release appeal names of loan beneficiaries on 25th November 2019.

Thereafter, students who fail to secure a loan or are awarded inadequate amounts are encouraged to appeal so as to get loan or added more amount. Each appeal is reviewed on its own merit.

If one fails to get a HESLB loan 2019/20 , the following could be possible reasons:-
  • The student may not have provided adequate information about him/herself as requested or 
  • False Information. the student may have provided false information on the loan application form.
  • Also HESLB has low amount of money that can't afford to be given to all Students.
NOTE: If you do not get a loan academic year 2019/2020 you can apply HESLB loan 2020/2021

Access the HESLB Loan Appeal Names  Beneficiaries when are out Here Now

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